www.accommodationbutton.com is to supply a cost effective platform that commands no time from the hotelier. It delivers accurate and precise information to the client, and most importantly the client finds it easy to use.
We then supply the quickest path to the accommodation outlet supplying the user with all of the available information on the accommodation establishment.

All accommodation establishments have their own booking button / platform in their own site.
Yet they all receive the majority of their bookings through the major OTA’s (Online Travel Agents).

Over the years the balance of OTA to DIRECT has been swayed in the favour of the OTA’s. This had to happen as they made the most of a great situation that had evolved. The growth of internet as it became mobile.

Left in the wake is the hotelier trying to get people to his website. Our research has shown that there is a very low hit rate to the hotels booking button in comparison to the rate of search carried out in the OTA’s websites.

www.accommodationbutton.com links all of the smaller independent operators together on the one platform.

Most hotels would

love to have 100% of their bookings be direct without having to pay commission to anyone.
However its not the best solution and certainly isn’t the fastest. We have found the best balance comes from direct bookings being on par with OTA bookings.

  • 40% direct and
  • 30% OTA.
  • The remaining 30% come from corporate and phone bookings, return guests and some tour operators.

These figures will differ slightly but this is what our research has shown us to be beneficial.
These are not absolutes, but they are a good benchmark for a healthy split.