Let's discover what really happens.

Your money and you don’t go to the same destination. In fact the money you pay goes straight overseas and only a portion of it returns to the hotelier!

Did you know?

  • Australian accommodation houses are paying upto 30% commission to international booking platforms!! You know the ones…
  • This money leaves our country TAX FREE!
  • Costing our country over $400 million last year alone.
  • Lets keep it here in Australia.

Book direct because...

  1. 100% of your money stays in the local area.
  2. NO commission paid – you will get the best deal!
  3. Cut out the multi nationals skimming the profit.
  4. Support our local communities.
  5. Your accommodation house will love you for it!

Everybody wins!

  • Now more than ever is the time to support Australian businesses.
  • Use accommodationbutton and book directly with your hotel/resort/motel/caravan park/apartments etc.
  • Help save our tourism industry one booking at a time.

We have thousands of listings around Australia offering best rates and service for direct bookings. It makes a lot of sense to book your accommodation from here and keep your money in Australia.. 

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