And what are the advantages?

The most objective advantage is the fast, online reservation in secure environment, the possibility to order additional services and convenient payment methods. Another strong advantage is the complete range of all types of rooms and the possibility to combine them, especially in case of bookings for more people. The reservation portals do not offer all types of rooms that are available in the hotel.

The most important advantage, which is one of the most popular advantage when choosing accommodation, is the possibility of obtaining a discount, either on the accommodation price or services. Each hotel manages its discounts according to its current options, pricing policy and various loyalty programs. Better hotels will, however, offer you the so called “PROMO CODE” to make your stay even more convenient. Sometimes, you can get a price which is not displayed to public.

Another important advantage is the fact that during the direct reservation (and its specification or withdrawal) the client communicates directly with the hotel, not with an agent, who, anyway, has to communicate with the hotel to arrange the requirements of the client which needlessly delays the whole reservation process. This practice also works the other way round: the agent must deal with further requirements of a client, who made the reservation through the reservation portal (Internet booking systems) and subsequently inform the client, even if the client requests to contact the hotel directly. In practice, it often happens that clients want to change the type of their room and call the hotel directly. But the hotel cannot help them and they must return to the portal where the reservation had been made.

Direct bookings are always better. Since the very beginning, the client is in direct contact with the hotel and can easily choose from a complete range of services, discounts and bonuses.

Take advantage of direct bookings on the official website of the hotel facilities. You will experience a personal approach, hospitality and readiness of these services.

Book directly. It´s the best way!

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