Desparate times create amazing solutions.


Communities are increasingly turning to the internet as a vital source of stability, identity, and income. We all face growing social, environmental, economic, political, and moral challenges. Communities are understanding the importance of re-establishing contact with their  local communities for the simple act of surviving. The more local communities are aware of this, the more they can acknowledge each other and understand each persons roll in the community. We can support our communities from the comfort of our living room using the internet.

With so many platforms to put your business on it has become difficult to get your message out to the audiance who may be looking for you and your services. realised this and has successfully bought thousands of accommodation places together along with their social media links, connections, booking pages and web sites.

The result has been the FIRST commission free booking platform that has put thousands back into local communities by keeping the money in the loacl area and not letting it go over seas.

Now we are catering for the local community AS WELL. This section is rapidly changing. Call back AGAIN for further updates

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Find local food – services – produce – coffee and many other locals that rely on your business.

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