This needs to be a video presentation.


The bush-fires sweeping across Australia have been beyond anything that we can imagine. It has been devastating to say the least.

The cost not only in financial terms but to the environment and to personal health and wealth and economically to those towns and places we all love to go to for holidays.



Next time you book a holiday think about this.

  • Colliers International reported a total of $1.8 billion in hotel transactions for 2018
  • If we are to take 30% of those bookings are being done through OTA’s that is a whopping $540,000,000 that never comes into the country.



  • Why did the OTA’s take over.
  • Why were the hotels in the background.
  • What we can do about it.
  • How much money actually does not get to Australia.
  • What is the average hotel occupancy rate? For the most part, between 2015 and 2019, global hotel occupancy rates have remained between 50% and 80%, with peaks and troughs in line with seasonality. However, there have been some occasions where occupancy has drifted outside these margins.
  • http://www.tourisminvestment.com.au/content/dam/assets/document/1/7/4/0/h/2011409.pdf#