Keeping the money in the community.

When you book through Accommodationbutton there is no commission taken, you only deal with the hotel, tour operator or store owner. There is no third party or middle man. This means the money stays in the community. The community benifits and your experience is better it is a simple result. Stop the money going out of the community. Booking through keeps hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in the community.

Supporting supports YOUR holiday.

RMS - Hospitality Cloud

Property management Software that lets you run your motel your way ! RMS software experts have honed their skills and come up with the best solutions for managing every aspect of your Motel.


With 30 years of hands-on experience developing and implementing software across diverse industries, the team at GuestPoint understand the need for real-world solutions that streamline complex tasks. More specifically, our experienced team has over 220 years of collective experience in specifically designing, developing and supporting software for the accommodation, hospitality, meetings and events industry. GuestPoint is unique in that we have owned and operated a 4-star 24 room property, so we understand what it takes.