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Australia’s consumer watchdog says online hotel booking site Trivago is one of several online comparison websites that could face severe penalties after a court ruled the German-based giant had misled consumers about hotel room rates.   . more info..

Travel website Trivago misled consumers about cheap hotel deals on its website and in advertising, a Federal Court judge has ruled.

The Netherlands-incorporated company didn’t actually

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Keep the money in Australia

Support the drought and fire communities

When you book to stay in Australia

keep the money in Australia!

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Hotel owners speak out against accommodation booking websites

Almost 4,300 insurance claims totalling $297m have been lodged since main fires began, but the bill is set to climb …more info

Travellers are being urged to visit Australian destinations rather than heading overseas to help the tourism industry recover from the devastating bushfires…more info


The Federal Government has announced a $76 million recovery package in response to this summer’s bushfires, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison saying Australian tourism is facing “its biggest challenge in living memory”…more info

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