About accommodationbutton.com

After 25 years in the travel industry I decided enough was enough…

OTA's gouge millions out of Australias tourist industry.

Up-to 30% of the money from every booking that is being made is not even coming into Australia.

There is no tax being paid on it and it is not deemed as income earned for Australia,

It is being siphoned off overseas by a “FAT CAT”.

How is this happening?

Back in the late 90’s before the internet had gained the popularity it has today, online booking sites started to show up. Initially they got very little use as people were reluctant to book online and faxes and telexs worked so well. No one had websites or booking software as it was all too expensive.

It was during this time that the OTA’s gained huge popularity by offering accommodation outlets a new way of attracting customers.

It was easy enough to do as a hotelier you would simply load your information up throw some photos on and you were ready to go.

If you got a sale the OTA got 2 or 3% initially.

As time moved on and these sites became popular with “bookers” the commissions paid increased accordingly until you have today where upto 30% of your money goes to the OTA. 

So whats next?

The fact is it is sent straight overseas and no tax is paid on it.  

A mind numbing $419,000,000  in the 2019 financial year. 

While this has been going on slowly the price of software  and websites came down until now every accommodation outlet has its own booking page and website.

The difficulty they are confronted with is getting people to their page as the OTA’S cunningly occupy all of the optimised search space.


Accommodationbutton.com – we bring together all social media, websites, booking pages, phone numbers, emails and any other relavent information that the client is looking for to communicate directly with you.

The result is the money paid for accommodation goes directly to the hotelier.

In turn putting more money in the town you are staying at and giving you a better experience.

The hoteliers are happier and you get better service all round.

A true win win situation.

Hotel operators discover new ways to increase profits...

In todays connected world it seems strange that we should pay upto 30% of our income to get travellers to your booking page.

Accommodationbutton.com is a platform that connects your social media – website and email directly to your booking page, this results in more direct bookings.

With our constantly updated and improving platform we can help you maximise your bottom line profits.

Keep the commission.