Booking your hotel stay just got easier with our direct booking service..


Booking direct made easy

Booking your hotel stay just got easier with our direct booking service.

We’ve partnered with thousands of top hotels across Australia to offer exclusive deals and discounts that can’t be found elsewhere.

By booking directly through us, you’ll also avoid additional fees charged by third-party sites. Save money and time by browsing our selection of outstanding hotels now.

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Are you familiar with the concept of online travel agencies (OTA’s)? Well, these intermediaries between hotels and customers play a  role when it comes to accommodation bookings. (maybe not favorable to everyone)

Essentially, they act as brokers; enabling those seeking a place to stay to find one quickly and easily, while also helping hotel owners offload spare rooms at short notice in exchange for additional revenue. However, many people are unaware of exactly how this works or why OTA’s even exist – here’s your chance to find out more!

OTA’s make a money, OTA’s make a lot of money.

Logic says if they are making a lot of money then it has to come from some one.

That someone is you and the hotelier and you probably never knew it. more information

How to get the best hotel rates for your next trip away.

  • Don’t fall for the trap of simplicity when booking hotels online

  • Use the hotel’s booking page, social media, or phone to book directly

  • Booking directly can often result in lower prices, better service, and better deals

  • Hotels offer special rates or discounts for direct bookings

  • Direct communication with hotel staff can be helpful for special requests or needs

  • Booking directly can lead to a more personalized experience

  • Loyalty programs offer perks such as breakfasts, room upgrades, and extended check-in/out times

  • Use accommodationbutton to find your dream hotel